The Fifth Epochal Revelation

The British Study Edition of the Urantia Papers

You can download The Fifth Epochal Revelation in PDF format from this page. Please select the version of PDF file which most closely matches your reading device. If you prefer the printed book version it is also available in two volumes: vol 1, vol 2. The source code of this book can be found in my github repository. The text and all the notes and illustrations can also be accessed as part of the The Urantia Book Explorer web-application.

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PDF for printing, A4 page size, double column page layout.

You can test your comprehension by taking The Cosmic Citizenship Quiz test embedded in each (except A4 for printing) of the PDF files of the Fifth Epochal Revelation (see above).

I have also typeset this book in 17 languages and made the result freely available on the Urantia Book Fellowship website. I have also helped to prepare the facsimile of the original 1955 First Edition in both printed and electronic formats and made them available on The Guardian Plates page.

Here are a few sample pages. Click on the image to enlarge it.

The Fifth Epochal Revelation for the Russian civilization

In November 2020 I perceived the need to produce a new Russian translation of the Urantia Papers. I am helped in this endeavour by the volunteers, whose names are listed in the Introduction. You can download the current (19 December 2023) draft of the translation here: ud.pdf

Here are a few sample pages. Click on the image to enlarge it.